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High-tech composites

A deliberate statement.

Mayla fortyfour is built to the highest specification with fire-resistant epoxy carbon prepreg and a carbon-prepreg-foam sandwich, curated by autoclave. Mainly used in the aviation sector and for hi-tech racing sailboats, this technology allows for a lower proportion of resin in the composite, reducing weight and enhancing its properties. The resin is evenly distributed throughout the fibers, avoiding fragility due to excess resin areas.


Prepreg is more environmentally friendly and allows for better working conditions for yard operators than other composite technologies.

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Expert structural engineering

No compromise.


The yacht structure was conceived by an established engineering house with highly specialized composite engineers. The focus was two-fold: increase strength and save weight. No compromise was made to give the hull its unique rigidity, despite an overall weight of only 1.5 tonnes. The structural elements, bulkheads and inside walls are generously dimensioned. They are glued and laminated to the hull, making the yacht extremely strong. 




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Mayla fortyfour uses a Petestep® patented hull technology.


Petestep deflectors redirect the spray water more downwards and aftwards compared to conventional spray rails allowing energy savings of up to 35%. Petestep deflectors lower slamming by up to 50%, increase stability and significantly reduce noise. This allows for an efficient and smooth ride with significantly increased comfort, and longer range.


For more information on Petestep®, please click here


Mayla opted for tunnel prop drive technology used for high-performance powerboats and fast military applications.


The half-tunnel above the propeller limits the amount of air intake from the surface-piercing propeller. Compared to conventional surface drives, this patented system increases the thrust and reduces the drag. It combines the direct transmission of power of a direct-shaft drive, and it limits the ventilation of the propellers in sharp turns. This improves the boat maneuverability.


Tunnel prop drive technology optimises performance and acceleration by over 10%. 

Image by Zoltan Tasi


Power output


twin dual-core electric motors, coupled with high-tech competition inverters deliver a total of 1200 KW (over 1600 hp) and 4800 NM of instantaneous torque.



“Superbolts are the most powerful lightning on Earth” “We don’t understand yet how superbolts can be so powerful” (NASA). Reserved for experienced pilots able to demonstrate their boat handling skills, the Superbolt configuration reaches 1600 KW (over 2100 hp) of nominal power and brings the yacht to record-breaking top-speeds.

Motors set-up

Pure Electric


in its full electric version, the yacht is equipped with a 500 kWh custom-designed, fully marinised Li-Ion battery pack with an innovative cooling system. Advanced engineering brings the power density below 5kg / kWh. A range exceeding 70 nautical miles makes it the perfect configuration for eco-friendly inland waters or coastal cruising.

Range-Extended Hybrid


400 kWh of battery capacity are backed up by a 300 kW, e-fuel compatible diesel auxiliary power unit. The maximum range increases to more than 270 nautical miles, enabling far-offshore crossings and chase boat use whilst maintaining a low carbon footprint.



Automotive standards

Mayla’s founders share decades-long work experience optimising processes at prestigious automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. The industrialisation of Mayla has been defined along the very same lean manufacturing and operational excellence principles and takes place in a state-of-the-art, new factory.


A total quality program ensures full process control, employee involvement and commitment to delivering exceptional yachts, not only in style and performance, but also in construction.

No compromises were made in the suppliers' selection process. The team’s approach has been to work only with leading and proven technologies.


All new developments have been conducted and underwritten by established engineering bureaus relying on demonstrated technologies. All standard features of the yacht are exclusively supplied by established market leaders and renowned high-end equipment providers. 

Top ranked suppliers

Short delivery times

Streamlined processes and a new, state of the art facilities allow us to deliver yachts in 6-8 months upon order, depending on the options selected.

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